"Experience the simulation of 4 economic systems"

4 small games of 10 minutes for ...


... the origin of the economic problems of our society.


... the effects of the different economic systems experienced.


... intelligent alternatives to our current economic system.

What do we actually do in this game?


In concrete terms, the Money Game is 4 small games of about ten minutes (spread over ~2h) that allow us to simulate 4 economic systems, in order to observe their influence on individuals.

The common thread between the four games is the possibility of building houses. ?
The houses are symbolized by 4 walls, 4 playing cards of the same height. ♠️♥️♣️♦️
The rules are simple, but what emerges from them can become very complex.

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Témoignages de joueurs-euses

Flagrant to experience the sensations induced by the different monetary systems...



Because experimentation is worth more than any presentation. Besides, it was fun!


Theory makes a difference, experience transforms.


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